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Volume1 Chap1













A Waste of Time- Volume One

The first collection of my strips starts here.

Monday Chap1












Monday- Chapter One- Persimmon

The first chapter of the book that I’m currently posting, Monday, starts here.

Monday Chap2











Monday- Chapter Two- Jesus Sticks

Monday Chap3












Monday, Chapter Three- Boy of Destiny

Cover Detail














Monday, Chapter Four- Monday

Joey Mills Gets Fucked 01c smaller detail










Joey Mills Gets Fucked

I guess the title says enough.










The Bottomless Pit-

A romantic short story I did about selling my soul to Satan in exchange for sex with Troye Sivan!














A Short story that I did about my astrological sign.

For Fletch










For Fletch and Ruski, Spooner and Calico-

A short piece I did about various ex boyfriends. This will play out more over the next book, Topsy Terby.