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The Rabbit

The rabbit is generally my avatar in the comics, and I use him for stories that are autobiographical, except when they aren’t. There are concrete symbolic reasons for this, and also psychological ones which I haven’t begun to unravel.

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Rickets is a broken robot. He used to be happy, he used to know what his purpose was, but then he met a boy robot that he fell in love with, and we all know how those stories turn out. The story “Marching to the City” is the first part of Rickets’ origin story.

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Prester fell into a deep depression when he was put on clearance in the bookstore where he was for sale, and became an alcoholic. He discovered Jesus in recovery, and is now a born again Christian. The fact that he is also in love with Rickets contradicts his strict religious beliefs, and is the source of much distress to him.

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Truckstop is a free spirit with an insatiable libido. There is a bit of a dark story in his past which has been alluded to in the comics and which I haven’t told yet, but generally he is the most well adjusted character in the comics.

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Persimmon was created by the rabbit in an attempt to commercialize his comics by creating a tentacle rape character, but unfortunately turned out as neurotic as the rabbit’s other creations and is deeply conflicted about his nature.

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Capitalist Pig

Capitalist Pig is sometimes the villain of the comics. The first Capitalist Pig was killed in Chapter One of Monday, but that only meant that another Capitalist Pig came to take his place, as happens in life.