I’ve changed my mind about what i’m going to post Monday… It’s been too long since I’ve updated my story “Monday,” and so I think I’m going to start posting the next chapter of that. Maybe with a blog explaining why it ended up going on hiatus for a while… Either way, I’m excited to finally start posting chapter four! And then I’ll probably post “My Troubles With Twinks” afterward, before I start posting chapter five. Or maybe I’ll just keep going through chapters five and six (Six is the final chapter of “Monday”). I finished a detailed script for the rest of “Monday” last year, and once I get to a certain point with something where I basically know the form and what’s going to happen, the rest is a lot of labor and the initial creative spark has passed, my mind immediately moves on to the next thing, rather than finishing the thing I’ve started. So, rather than finishing “Monday” after I had it all worked out and scripted, I of course started about ten other projects and short stories and have been putting them up here and there. “My Troubles With Twinks” is another one of these, but it’s turning out to be fairly long, and I started thinking that I didn’t want to delay getting back to “Monday” for another few months… I just need to finish the fucking thing. Or at least another chapter, so we can have a new one to put out. So, I think that’s the plan… “Monday” on Monday. See you then!