Alright, a little more porn before I get into posting my next story, “My Troubles With Twinks,” which I think will begin next Monday.

The gentleman in today’s illustration is Kyle Ross, another favorite of mine. I was hung up on drawing Joey Mills for a while, and I thought I should expand it to include some of my other favorite porn actors.

This drawing is actually one that I started years ago, back before I met that boyfriend I wasted two years of my life on. I penciled this drawing way back when, and I never got around to finishing it for the same reason I did very little sexual art when I was with him, which is that he would throw ridiculous little tantrums and say I was hurting his feelings if I drew a guy other than him. He never tried to forbid me from doing it, he just made it clear from repeated example that, if I did a drawing like this, I would spend the next day dealing with him pouting until he finally told me what he was upset about, and then another day after that massaging his ego until he started to act like an adult again.

I have no idea why I put up with that, except that it began gradually. After our first date and before our second, he read my first book, so he knew perfectly well what my art was like, and he told me he loved it. Then he started gradually to reveal the crazy part of himself, by which time we were too entwined for me to run for the hills, which is what I should have done after the first date.

Never again! So, there’s something liberating about doing this drawing and having people tell me they like it, rather than having to deal with all that ridiculous nonsense instead. I didn’t finish it from the original pencils, because they’re old and I think my drawing has come a long way since then. Actually, I didn’t even find them, I just started over from scratch, so maybe I’ll look for them and compare the two, that might be interesting.