Stop telling me I need to understand the Trump voters. I understand them just fine: they’re selfish and ignorant, gullible and dumb. What we need is for them to understand that about themselves, so that they can get informed and make better decisions in the future.

If somebody doesn’t know something, it’s not “elitist” to say that they’re ignorant. Ignorant is a word that means they don’t know something. It’s the correct word for what they are. What IS elitist is talking about how we need to go out like Jane Goodall and study them because they’re these strange creatures that are so different from us that we can’t possibly judge them.

They’re adult humans who are responsible for their own decisions. If they don’t want to be called stupid, then they should stop doing stupid things. Calling them stupid is giving them the benefit of the doubt, anyway, because if we assume that they did understand what they were voting for that would mean that they’re bigots. Stupid is about the nicest thing you can say.