Since I’ve lived in San Francisco, I’ve met a lot of celebrities… some heroes of mine. Usually, I chat with them and we get along and it’s fine. The only time I freaked out was Peter Mayhew. He was the first Star Wars actor I ever met, and I was immediately six again. It was Chewie, standing right in front of me! Even seeing Bob Dylan from the front row didn’t do quite the same thing to me.

Carrie Fisher is the first major Star Wars actor we’ve lost, besides Kenny Baker. And Kenny Baker was in his 80s and had health problems for a long time, so it wasn’t such a shock. Reading that Carrie Fisher has died really feels like a death in the family.

I mention first how important Carrie Fisher is to me because of Star Wars, which she didn’t mind being associated with, but that was a relatively small part of her creative life. She was a wonderful writer and hilarious person… her book Wishful Drinking is amazing! Read it if you haven’t, that would be a great way to remember her.

And then to hear that Debbie Reynolds has died also, obviously from grief the day after, is just so incredibly tragic. My thoughts are with Todd and Billie (And Gary of course) for who, however hard this is for the rest of us, it must be a thousand times worse. I hope they get some comfort in knowing how many millions of people were touched by these two women, and how many people are thinking of them.