For a Christmas strip this year, I decided to do Santa arguing with Jesus, which entertained me once I thought of it. I’m not religious in any way, but I like Christmas a lot as a secular holiday for giving gifts, spending time with loved ones, etc. I think it’s a nice idea. But as we celebrate it in this country, it’s such an odd mishmash of different traditions… Our idea of Santa Claus is really barely over a century old, and a combination of characters from several different traditions, and he fits awkwardly with all the pagan Yule festival stuff, and then there’s Jesus, which is just like a whole other thing that doesn’t have much to do with either of those, and yet certain Christians like to act like the whole thing is their property, and it’s some immutable tradition handed down through the ages. They probably actually think that’s true, and who’s got five whole minutes to look online and learn otherwise?

This ended up being two pages, so part two tomorrow!