Whelp I just finished a script for a comic I want to do called “My Troubles With Twinks”… It’s a nod, obviously, to the R. Crumb comic, “My Troubles With Women”. It’s not exactly like that comic, but I felt the homage was owed, because that’s probably one of the biggest ways that Crumb was an inspiration to me…

However fucked up some of his issues with women may be, the fact that he had the courage to write about it was a permission slip to me for so many of the things that I’ve written. So many times, especially when I started doing autobio comics, I would write something and think, “Oh man, I can’t do a comic about THAT…” but then I think of something that Crumb had done, and I feel that if he can write that, then I can be as open in mine.

I wanted to write this comic to kind of lay out my sexual preoccupations and some of the background behind them, because I realized it would be necessary to understand some of my dating comics going forward, and I’ve danced around this stuff but never spelled out all of it exactly.

That’s sort of what his comic, “My Troubles With Women” does, but I didn’t want to just do the gay version of his comic. I figured if I was gonna do it, I needed to one-up him… Not in terms of cartooning, I’m not as great as he is, but just in terms of how revealing the comic is and the level of detail and specificity it goes into about the author’s sexual proclivities. So, I pushed what I was writing, and then I pushed some more, until it made me profoundly uncomfortable to write it, which is about where I figured it needed to be.

So, if anybody feels that I don’t way overshare already and that they would like to know even more about the dark corners of my brain… I’ve got a comic coming up that’s gonna be a treat for you guys!