A few drawings of my latest, favorite twinky muse!

I started doing a series of drawings of selfies guys sent me several years ago, before there actually was the word “selfie”… I thought it was an interesting way to do a portrait, from a photo that they had taken of themselves, because a portrait is about how the artist sees the model, what he wants to tell you about them, and a selfie is about how the model sees themselves. It’s an interesting kind of blurred line, a depiction of them presenting their body to you, which is interesting to me and I think sexy. One of the first ones I did is in my first book, and there have been a lot more over the years.

I haven’t seen the new issue of Crumb’s Art & Beauty magazine yet, but I heard he’s started to draw women from selfies they sent him, which is interesting… That Crumb guy, always ripping me off. Actually it’s interesting because of course one of my early inspirations for the way I was drawing my boyfriends was Crumb’s drawings of women. Some of my early drawings of boyfriends, also in my first book, are even direct homages to the poses Crumb likes with the subjects arranged to best show off their faces and butts in the same pose.

I was interested in the portrayals of sexuality in Crumb’s comics for a few reasons… First, of course, because he’s the best and the drawings are incredible. But also because I felt like I understood exactly the perspective he was offering on the relationship between the artist and their model. Crumb of course likes big, built women who are physically imposing compared to himself. I’ve always liked twinky guys, shorter and skinnier is sexiest to me, so basically the exact opposite. But the reason that Crumb likes the big women is because of his own feelings of physical inferiority, so the idea of dominating these big goddesses is the ultimate fantasy for him. The psychology of my own hangups is basically identical… I idolize pretty, twinky guys that I always think will reject me, so the idea of dominating one and tying him up is also the ultimate fantasy. I like the size difference because I can pick ‘em up, bend them over, and so on…

So it’s interesting that Crumb saw something similar in the whole selfie thing. It makes perfect sense, because, although people have always accused him of being a misogynist, his perspective on himself is this little creature leering from the bushes and worshiping these gorgeous women that would never have him. So, the voyeuristic idea of making of portrait of them from a photo taken in a private moment in their bedroom or bathroom when the artist wasn’t there and had no sexual access to them, except to later drool over the picture while they’re out probably sleeping with somebody else, that makes perfect sense. That’s what I see in it, anyway. It’s an interesting thing in the zeitgeist represented by these types of pictures, because very often now people you hardly know are willing to send you pictures of their dicks, which you would think of as extremely intimate, and yet they’re doing it while they’re alone with their phone, and you’re seeing it under similar circumstances.

The twink from this picture, though… We met because he found my comics and started talking to me online, but there are plans to make it more than a just over the internet kind of thing. We’ve developed a friendship, at least, and the story of the whole thing has found a place in my next book, Topsy Terby. These pictures and many more I’ve done of him may or may not show up in there!