When I wrapped up posting Chapter Two late last year sometime, I didn’t anticipate that there would be an entire year before new posts resumed, but here we are.

I’ve resumed posting now and am going to be posting on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule for the foreseeable future, maybe with extra posts thrown up some weeks. The last two weeks I was posting some standalone strips that had accumulated, but now I’m posting Chapter Three.

If you’re curious, Chapter Three has been a long odyssey for several reasons… It was supposed to come out a month or two after Chapter Two, but various personal issues made me miss that deadline. Relationship troubles, and my mom, who had been struggling with cancer for a long time, became very ill and spent her last days in a hospice in Virginia, where I went and spent some time to visit her.

After that first deadline was missed, it would be a few months before it was solicited again, so I took some time to draw some other things, and to write. There’s also this novel I’ve been working on, some short stories for comics anthologies, etc., so I worked on those and thought Chapter Three would be three or four months late. Around the time that I was ready to hop back into Chapter Three was when the relationship with the boyfriend I was living with decided to disintegrate, and I spent a month or two in a state of constant fights and drama that are far too insipid to recount in detail here… maybe at some point they’ll make a funny comic. But as we lived together, this drama threw my whole living situation in the air and made things very stressful.

Still, at some point around there, later than I had planned but close, I finished Chapter Three. Then there was an issue with the solicitation of the printed version, and that was delayed again. I was still planning to start posting it on the website, though, and keep this up and running… Actually, I was planning to update the whole website, overhaul things and make it all nice and spiffy and readable again… Some of the old posts were out of order and it was kind of a mess.

The problem with that idea is that I barely know anything about making websites. If you noticed everything go haywire earlier this year and almost everything disappear, that’s what happens when I try.

My friend who handles the hosting of the site was able to restore most of the picture files, but the attached blogs, the tags on the pictures, everything else was gone. Along with the actual print release of Chapter Three being delayed, having to rebuild everything- there were more than 600 posts on here at the time- was too depressing to contemplate, and I felt like the posting of Chapter Three shouldn’t be too far ahead of the printing of it, anyway, as that’s my prefered version and what it is designed for.

So I waited a while.

Over the last month or so I have finally got around to starting to rebuild things. I pruned the posts on this website down from about 600 to about 300, deleting sketchbook pages and alternate versions of the same comics, along with almost all of the early stuff that came out before my first book. I still like some of that stuff, and maybe at some point I will start to post it again, and I would like some of it to be in print again… But it’s so ancillary to the main storyline that I’m doing, I realized that if people were new to the comics and just wanted to start reading, there was this huge fog of other stuff- about half the website- that they had to slog through just to catch up to the current comics. My first book collection, the one just called A Waste of Time, and Monday, the storyline that I am currently posting Chapter Three of- that’s the canon, the stuff that’s relevant. There’s a ton of other stuff- actually quite a lot more than those 300 deleted posts- but the actual main body of the A Waste of Time story is these collections.

As for Chapter Three- it’s a big one. I’ll blog more in the next few days about it, but for right now it will be posting Monday-Wednesday-Friday. At that rate, it should make for almost four months of posts. If you’d like to get it all sooner, and in a beautiful printed or complete digital edition, that’s coming for sale soon. The best way to get it, though, is to pre-order it through a Kickstarter that Northwest Press is doing right now. You can actually get it, plus the other issues, for less that cover price by pre-ordering through the Kickstarter! If you would like to get my comics, have been curious and want to try, or have been reading them and want to get the print editions, this is by far the best, and cheapest way to get them! If you want to be a super fan, there’s also an option on there wherein you can get the new comic plus an original drawing by me of one of my characters of your choice. Somebody already asked, too, whether I would draw Tom Daley for them if they chose that option, and I said yes, so I will draw other things related to my comics as well, within reason. If you have a certain request for a drawing you would like me to do, ask me, and if it’s not too crazy I will probably be happy to do it.

So that’s all for now. Hope it clears up for people some of what’s going on, and what’s coming up. New post tomorrow, so check back!