I’ve been really flattered by the reviews that have started coming in for my book, I thought I’d start rounding them up on my website here and linking to them.  In addition to being flattered, I’ve been really excited that these reviews have zeroed in on a lot of the things I was trying to do with the book, and they seem to really get it.  I’m excited that the book seems to be connecting with people!

Review at cxPulp by Andrea Speed — “I found this book riveting and hard to put down. It’s very relatable whether you’re gay, straight, or an anthropomorphized rabbit. It’s a little ironic that a comic with so many animal proxies is so very human.”

Review at GayLeague.com by Joe Palmer — “…while he cites the auto bio comics work of R. Crumb and Jeffrey Brown for thematic inspiration, Worley has his own voice. Oh dear, the die hard spandex crowd just had a collective wide-eyed stare at those names. Don’t you worry! You can enjoy this book without danger of your superhero-lover card being revoked.”

Review at Pink Kryptonite — “Take the authenticity of Pekar’s American Splendor, and blend it with classicist artcomix values, and you get an idea of the beauty behind Rick’s book. He even goes so far as to invite all his readers so moved by his work to contact him and be his groupies. Literally fucking with your audience. It’s genius.”

Review at Starving for Ink — “Ultimately, A Waste of Time is just the opposite. Worley has given us a refreshing dose of reality that I believe people will relate to, whether they’re gay, straight, or in between.”


I’ll keep linking to more reviews as they come in.  In addition to those reviews, I had two amazing cartoonists, Howard Cruse and Robert Kirby, who were kind enough to provide really great pull quotes for the cover, and StevieD and EvilJeff from the Comic Book Queers podcast provided a great forward where they said shockingly nice things about the book!

“There’s a brutal frankness and honesty coming from these foxes and teddy bears that you rarely see anywhere else. Comics are the one of the last havens to be truly offensive and beautifully unapologetic.” — from the Foreword by StevieD and EvilJeff from the Comic Book Queers podcast.

“Beautifully drawn, hilarious, wistful, profane and very human. Rick Worley’s A Waste of Time knocked me out.” — Robert Kirby, creator of CurbsideBoy Trouble and THREE.

“Rick Worley’s insightful A Waste of Time comic strips are simultaneously tender and perverse—like his bunny.” — Howard Cruse, author of Stuck Rubber Baby and Wendel.


I mean, Robert Kirby and Howard Cruse, how cool is that?

Convinced by the amazing reviews that you absolutely must own a copy of this groundbreaking book?  Well, you’re in luck, because now you can order it through Amazon and you can order a digital version through iTunes at the links below:

The Amazon.com page for A Waste of Time

The iTunes page for the digital version of the A Waste of Time book


In addition to that, you can have your local comic shop order you a copy through Diamond distributors, and if you’d like to get a copy through a local bookstore, or if you are a bookstore who would like to carry it and needs information about distributors, there are links to those things on the Northwest Press page for A Waste of Time .

Thanks to everybody that’s been following my comics on this website during the time that I’ve been posting them, and if you’ve read the book or are a fan of my comics, it would be greatly appreciated if you took a minute to review them at either the iTunes page or the Amazon page!  I’m going to be posting more information about the book soon, and I’m going to keep doing updates to the website on a Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday schedule for the foreseeable, future, so check back, a ton more stuff coming up!  If you want to get updates about these things as they happen, follow the Facebook page for my comics, or you can also follow me at twitter.com/bloodoftheland .  Thanks again to everybody, the book is beautiful and I’m extremely proud and excited about it, and so the reaction it’s received so far is incredibly gratifying.